Whether you’re just getting started, going through a rebrand, launching a new product/service, or realize that you never took the time to lay the foundation you had wanted, no problem. We can help!

At Brainchild Studios, we believe everything that matters most revolves around people. So we designed our five-step process for working with clients that starts with customer research.

Our process focuses on the business challenges of your company so when we provide marketing recommendations, they're rooted in achieving your business goals. And not only that, you're operationally set up for success when we hit the ground running.


The Lens:
Your Customer Research

First things first, you have to know who you’re talking to. In this first step, we work together to identify your primary target audience. Then we'll conduct qualitative and/or quantitative customer research, analyze and synthesize our findings to present you an executive summary with recommendations to implement. We'll use these recommendations to fuel the rest of the work we do together.

Here are more details on how we go about customer research.

The Prescription:
Your Brand Fundamentals

In this four-hour workshop, we’ll review your customer research executive findings, discuss your brand goals, uncover your brand values, define your vision, and establish your mission. Once we’re done here, you’ll have a renewed confidence in who your brand is, what it stands for, and how you’re bringing it to life. You’ll also leave this workshop a bit emotionally drained but with so much clarity it may just bring happy tears to your eyes!

The Focus:
Your Offering Development

It's difficult to sell your services and product offerings when you don't know what they are. In this stage, we'll work together in a consultative manner to help you focus and streamline your product and service offerings. We’ll ensure you have solutions to solve your audience’s problems, confirm you can solve those problems and be profitable, document your processes, review product pricing strategies, and finalize product messaging.

Once we're done here, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you have to offer and how to present it in a compelling way to your target audience. It's also a good idea to revisit this on an annual basis to ensure your business is pivoting as needed and continuing to stay relevant with your target audience.

"Brainchild Studios helped our startup transform our vision and mission branding in a way we could not have imagine. They made us sparkle!"

Jennifer Ketz Founder, Lift Up Careers

The Framework:
Your Brand Positioning & Content Strategy

This strategy is delivered in a beautiful Google Slide deck that is the culmination of everything we’ve worked on together in these first three stages. This work dives head first into your “why,” your audience personas, brand identity map, user journeys and CTAs. On the other side, you'll walk away with a content strategy rooted in data, research, and scalability. We'll identify original and supporting content creation and map out a detailed editorial calendar so you know your exact marching orders. Our goal is for you to have 100% clarity on next steps and share this detailed roadmap with your team and begin executing against it immediately. Here are more details regarding our approach to content strategy.

The Optics:
Your Execution &
Performance Review

We recommend ensuring your business and content strategy are well thought through before investing time, energy, and resources into ongoing execution. Once that's in place, this is where we talk about what to do with your website, the resources needed to execute your content strategy, and ongoing website maintenance, monthly reporting, and quarterly analysis. This way, everything we do is intentional and regularly measured and optimized.