Brainchild Studios (BCS) is a boutique digital content marketing and website creation agency primarily serving brands targeting millennial moms and nonprofits supporting women and children through customer research and digital strategies. 

We have locations in Chicago and Milwaukee, but operate as a virtual agency allowing us the flexibility to handpick the best talent from wherever they may reside. We provide the same quality of service and deliverables as the big agencies and pride ourselves on our approachability, work ethic, and expertise. Why wouldn’t we though, when our team members (who are primarily millennial women) average 7-10 years of industry experience in their respective fields.

When you have a number of women creating content for other women, it leads to a pretty authentic conversation and that's just how we like it.

At BCS, we utilize customer research and behavioral tendencies to drive our strategies and increase conversions for our clients. Our main focus is to provide top-of-the-line digital business strategy and content execution in a way that addresses our clients’ business needs in a fun, easy-to-understand, and friendly manner. 


That being said, an Account Manager at Brainchild Studios needs to wear many hats. You don’t need to be an expert developer or a skilled web designer, but you do need to know a little bit about everything, understand how it works together, best practices for each core element, be capable of helping to drive digital strategy for our clients, and most importantly, develop and build relationships with our clients. 

This is an independent contractor role. You will need to be available during normal business hours, but this role will be filled as new client work becomes available. This role is typically compensated on a flat monthly rate based on the scope of work from the client.

We imagine someone with at five to eight years of experience would be appropriate for this role. As Account Manager, your role is to be the main liaison between the client and the internal team executing the work on behalf of the client. You need to the client’s brand ambassador, the human brand filter, and the trusted confidant to the client. However, you also need to build a trusted working relationship with our internal team as well. And you need to understand the business problems the client is trying to solve and provide your expertise and recommendations.

Once you settle into your role as Account Manager, you’ll need to be a resourceful problem solver and be able to operate relatively independently, but also know when it’s important to bring in Kiley to help facilitate any client issues. 

The Account Manager role we are specifically looking to fill would have extensive experience in:

  • WordPress, Shopify and other web development / no code website platforms
  • Email Marketing (MailChimp, Active Campaign, etc)
  • Marketing Automation

Your responsibilities as an Account Manager for Brainchild Studios include (but are not limited to):

  • Client Communication
    • Set up calls with the client as mentioned in the proposal (weekly).
    • Attend client-facing engagements, etc. (few and far between)
    • Understand the client’s brand and act as a brand ambassador for the client with the internal team, making sure all work is on brand.
    • Develop a relationship with the client and build trust with them. 
    • Grow the account and our professional relationship with their brand.
  • Internal Team Communication and Management
    • Set up a communication pattern with the team. For larger accounts, this might mean a weekly call. Find the communication pattern that is the most effective for the team you’re managing.
    • Communicate all branding, requests, preferences, etc. from the client to the internal team.
    • Set up project deadlines in Asana and assign them to team members and manage deadlines to make sure we stay on schedule.
    • Provide feedback on designs, functionality, copywriting and overall deliverables from the internal team to be implemented before sharing our deliverables with the client. Kiley will also provide feedback, but you should be the first to review.
    • Meet client deadlines on deliverables and ensuring we are delivering work that is completed to our best ability.
  • Overarching Website Construction and Digital Marketing Understanding 
    • Understand website design best practices, conversion optimization best practices, how to organize content on a website so it’s inclusive and intuitive and provide recommendations on functionality.
    • Understand WordPress backend.
    • Understand the core basics of SEO.
    • Understand various digital platforms and why and how they all work together. Be able to speak to possible digital strategies for clients in conversation.
    • Understand enough about the different platforms you’re working with to be able to ask helpful questions and provide feedback to move the project along in a productive manner.
  • Communication and Availability
    • You are not expected to be sitting at a computer for 9am to 5pm. However, we do ask you try to make yourself relatively available as needed during these times. At least check into email every few hours. Figure out when your team is available and when your client needs you to be available.
    • You are not expected to work on weekends, however, every once in a while, it might be needed.
    • You are not expected to work on evenings, however, every once in a while, it might be needed.
    • If you’re taking vacation, please communicate that with the team and your client and make sure that Kiley is aware so she can step in and cover for you while you’re out. This is important to know to factor into deadlines as well. Please update the BCS Team Vacation Calendar with vacation time.
    • You are expected to participate in the weekly Account Management calls.
    • You are expected to represent Brainchild Studios in a positive, professional manner and act and speak in a positive way about our team, our work, our clients and the company as a whole.
    • We hope you have fun and enjoy the work you do!

Email info@brainchildstudios.com with resume, prior experience, and why you think you'd be a good fit at Brainchild Studios if interested.