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December is unlike any other month of the year. It is packed to the brim with shopping for good deals, traveling to see family, baking cookies, setting intentions for the next year, and celebrating traditions with loved ones. Let's be honest: December is a gold mine for content creation, but where do we start? There's so much to talk about! Below is a list of our top 5 favorite content ideas for the month of December to distribute on multiple platforms to reach your audience this holiday season.The Carlton Dance December Content Creation

1. Create an original gift guide

A creative and fun gift guide is a great way to connect with other people and businesses. Prepare to share this content on your blog, social media, newsletter, and every online outlet that allows you to communicate with your audience. If you do your part on tagging and sharing the products mentioned in your gift guide, the article will likely be distributed by those businesses who are part of article. Gift guides are a win-win-win for yourself, the consumers, and the businesses promoted within the gift guide.

The secret to a successful gift guide is to get specific. Specific can be scary, but ultimately rewarding. For example: Best Gift's For Moms? Mmm, not that helpful. Top Relaxing Gifts for Mom's with Newborns under $100? Now we're getting somewhere!


2. Package your service or product into a gift bundle

There are two benefits of packaging what you sell during December. The first is consumers love discounts. According to WooCommerce, "When you switch from a discount on a single item to a discount on a package, the customer perception is that they’re getting a much better deal. This perception increases if you make the individual products available (as seen in the example above) so that shoppers can check the prices and details of each separate item on their own." Make sure to emphasize the saving aspect of purchasing the bundle in your copy.

The second benefit is that you've just turned what you sell from an every day product (or service) into a gift under the tree! When creating your bundle, think about what you sell and if they are ever purchased together. It's a lot easier to package products. Check out Sephora's Gifts page- you'll see there is hardly a single product on the entire page. They've taken samples of multiple products, packaged them nicely together, increased the average sale and highlight out how much you're saving rather than buying each individual piece. WooCommerce also advises you to keep gift giving in mind when bundling. "Above all else, aim for bundles that are most likely to be given as gifts. This means avoiding anything extremely expensive, too personal (i.e. underwear), or ill-timed (like fresh food… but a subscription for weekly deliveries wouldn’t be a bad idea)."

3. Solve your target audience's New Year's Resolution

Avoid the Black Friday sale and get down to what is important to your consumers. When the holidays are done, we're all a little over it. However, a New Year's Resolution sticks around for longer (at least that is the intention). Start instilling support through a campaign that will help your audience follow or achieve their resolution starting in 2019. Maybe it's not just a personal resolution, maybe it's a businesses' resolution. Businesses set many goals going into Q1, and maybe we should call those goals New Year's Resolutions and start addressing how we are going to help them get there, starting in your December campaign.


4. Promote an inclusive holiday season through photo or video

What do you celebrate in the month of December? How do you celebrate? What are your favorite traditions? This may seem redundant, but it's important; not everyone celebrates Christmas! People who don't celebrate Christmas deal with a whole lot of Christmas commercials in the month of December. Be the business who is acknowledging a more inclusive holiday season! Promote your inclusive holiday season through original photography, animation or video. Visa did a great job of addressing and promoting inclusiveness with their Money Is Changing campaign. The money company addressed the buying power of millennial women, women in the workforce, and same sex spending trends. Don't be afraid of inclusive-driven content: people love it.

5. 12 Days of Instagram

Traditionally known as 12 days of Christmas, get creative with 12 pieces of content back to back on your Instagram feed. It can be a topic more specific to your brand, while people can relate to the original idea of 12 days of Christmas. Because Instagram layouts fit into rows of three, 12 is a great number to work with in order to create a visual and meaningful Instagram campaign leading up to December 25th. Here's a few ideas:

  • 12 Days of Local Coffee
  • 12 Days of Donations
  • 12 Days of Deals
  • 12 Days of Beer
  • 12 Days of Marketing Tips
  • 12 Days of Thanks
  • 12 Days of Puppies
  • 12 Days of Community

Don't treat December like every month of the year. It's an exciting, sometimes hectic and always wonderful time of the year. Share content that is meaningful to everyone, not just the crazy Christmas shoppers. Get creative and take full advantage of the gift giving season. Consider how your business can solve New Year's resolutions for people and other businesses. And most importantly, have a safe and happy holiday.


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