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Why You Need To Focus On Quality Social Media Content, Not Quantity

Today, users want to be engaged in your brand before being sold on your product. There are too many businesses making noise across social media instead of establishing a deep relationship with users by generating quality social media content. Consider the value and impact of the content you are contributing and what you are giving to users online, rather than what you are gaining from them.

If you can establish your purpose and generate a voice to support that mission, it will be easier to produce quality content and therefore, quality relationships with users online.

Check out this article so see brands who know their voice and their audience:

Here are five steps to follow when building your social media strategy to establish a more personal relationship with your followers and build a greater relationship with them:

  1. Define your goals. Select measurable goals to identify a clear KPI. For example, user acquisition, brand awareness, engagement, driving traffic to your website are each individual goals.
  2. Identify your audience. Once you know who you are trying to target, it is much easier to craft a plan to reach them! Plus, it’s useless to try and execute a social media strategy without knowing who you’re trying to reach anyway. How can you talk to someone if you don’t know what language they speak!?
  3. Develop your voice. Remember, quality NOT quantity. Consistency is key in social media, have personality and stand out through authenticity. Here is why authenticity is crucial.
  4. Listen. Don’t be afraid to listen to your audience. This is the most valuable feedback you can get. It’s free and can go a long way in developing a growing user base.
  5. Be patient. Focus on laying a solid foundation of content and an online marketing strategy before expecting bottom-line results. We are talking three to six months at least! This magic doesn’t happen overnight. The brand and story in development will take time to resonate with targeted audiences. Give them a chance to fall in love. Because as we know, all great loves take time.

As with all marketing initiatives, you should have a goal in mind before you start. With social media, your goal should be to build brand loyalty. To do that, you need to post consistent, quality content that is valuable and interesting to your users. Not content about how great and amazing you are, but instead content about how much easier your product will make their lives or a new recipe for them to try out at home with your blender. By taking this approach, you build trust. Trust is the foundation of brand loyalty.

Once you have loyal consumers, you have a built-in customer base and an army of brand advocates who will vocally support your brand and help grow your business.

Ultimately, if your users trust you, they’ll share your content with their friends. And that, my friends, is called engagement.

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