I need a flexible content retainer.

Sweet. That's exactly what we built.

You know the importance of creating compelling thought leadership content (TLC). You know that you should spend twice as much energy promoting it as you do creating it. But you also need flexibility so you can ebb and flow as things come up throughout the year.

Welcome to our TLC Flex Retainer, our flexible content creation, distribution, and amplification quarterly credit-based retainer. You can upgrade or downgrade your retainer each quarter to best meet your fluctuating needs throughout the year. We just need a 30-day heads up as to which package you’d like for the upcoming quarter and we’ll be good to go!

Prior to launching your content retainer, we'll do a one-time TLC Market Research deep dive ($6k) to inform your editorial calendar and, ultimately, your TLC Flex Retainer.



Billed Quarterly

Includes 45 Quarterly Content Credits



Billed Quarterly

Includes 60 Quarterly Content Credits



Billed Quarterly

Includes 90 Quarterly Content Credits

All Retainers Include

One Main Point of Contact
Account Strategy & Project Management
Quarterly 90-minute Strategy Meetings
Monthly Reporting
Quarterly Analysis & Recommendations
FREE Website Maintenance
Payment via Credit Card

"[Content strategy] was our best business investment this year!”

Maggie Joos
Owner, The Real Good Life

The TLC Flex Retainer Menu

Blog Post: 5 credits
Email Preference Center Build: 5 credits
Email Template Design: 5 credits
Email Newsletter: 5 credits
Monthly Social Media Editorial Calendar: 5 credits
Press Release/Media Alert to Media Outlets: 5 credits
Content Pitch to Trade Publications: 5 credits
Infographic: 10 credits
Single Page PDF Download: 10 credits
Media Kit: 10 credits
Google Slide Presentation Deck: 15 credits
eBook/Digital Brochure: 15 credits
Website Audit & Recommendations: 15 credits
Three-Part Email Marketing Automation Campaign (Set-up): 20 credits
Annual PR Plan: 20 credits
Single Market Custom Media List Creation: 20 credits
List of 15-20 Influencer Recommendations: 20 credits
Leadership Team Social Audit & Recommendations: 20 credits
Media & Presentation Training: 20 credits
Customer Deep Dive Survey: 20 credits
New Brand/Audience Discovery Survey*: 25 credits

* Additional third-party audience fees will apply.

Case Study: 25 credits