What is influencer marketing and why should I care?

Some people may think influencer marketing is like a shiny new object and a fleeting trend. WRONG.

Influencer marketing is the most recent evolution in connecting with consumers in the digital space. We all know that the best advertising is word of mouth, right? According to Nielsen, 70% of consumers rely on product reviews before making purchases, so yes, we want reviews and recommendations from people we respect and trust!

Well guess what? With access to the internet and virtual zero barrier to entry, almost anyone has the opportunity to become a person of influence in the online space now! That doesn’t mean everyone is influential, but there are a number of people who have become extremely influential.

We call them influencers.
Shocking. We know.


No, we’re not necessarily talking about the Kim Kardashians of the world.

We’ve actually found much greater success developing relationships with “micro-influencers” by creating ongoing authentic relationships for our clients.

This isn’t terribly surprising as micro-influencers tend to have greater engagement with their followings and their content is 6.7x more effective than content shared by larger influencers.

In today’s world where we all, especially millennials and most especially millennial moms, crave authenticity, creating connections that are rooted in a genuine shared interest are the only ones we’re interested in.


Think of an influencer strategy kind of like a series of people who are spokespeople for your brand.

They believe in it. They advocate for it. They hopefully sell it, but more importantly, they are a dominant public vote of confidence to a very specific niche backing your product, brand or service.

After all, 82% of people who receive a recommendation from a micro-influencer are highly like to follow the recommendation to purchase.


Each influencer and influencer relationship is different and takes time to develop. However, no need for you to worry, because we’ll take care of it for you! We utilize our resources to build relationships with influencers that are strategically relevant to your brand, if we don’t already have existing relationships with influencers of your choice!

Interested in discussing how influencers might be a good fit for your brand messaging? Let’s chat!