We believe in leaving this world a better place than when we found it.

One of the ways we believe this to be a reality is through supporting the work so many nonprofits invest their time, energy and resources into. We also know many nonprofits don’t have the budgets many for-profit businesses do and are oftentimes lacking in their digital marketing support.

Well, those days are in the past, folks!

We have put together our Nonprofit Digital Marketing packages in an effort to provide nonprofits of all shapes and sizes a starting point for professional digital marketing support.

Below you’ll find our Starter, Standard, and Stellar Nonprofit Digital Marketing Packages.

These resources have been tailored to be 100% specific and relevant to nonprofits. In a nutshell, the below packages include some version of the following:

More details of these items can be found on their specific product pages. Logo and branding design and website creation are completely optional but highly encouraged.

The Stellar Email Package is a 12-month minimum. All website maintenance will be active for 12 months following the launch of your website (if you choose that option).

Below we have listed out the overviews of each package!


Starter Nonprofit


For the nonprofit bringing on an intern/entry-level team member to manage all digital.

This includes an onboarding fee of $4980 and monthly payments of $195 on a monthly basis moving forward.

Details below!

Standard Nonprofit


For the nonprofit ready to up their game but still wants to save a few bucks.

This includes an onboarding fee of $16,371 and monthly payments of $422 for the following months.

Details below!

Stellar Nonprofit


For the SMB that really wants to be hands-off and let someone fully take this off their plate. 

This includes an onboarding fee of $24,171 and monthly payments of $1,908 for the following months.

Details below!


This package is perfect for the startup who has an annual marketing budget that bounces around $10k - $15k. To go all-in on this package, you’ll be looking at $7,125 per year and if you opt to add on a website or logo and branding, then you’ll need a little more just for this initial investment and you’ll be back to this $7,125 moving forward!

We tried to make these templates and guidelines as easy to follow as possible for any junior level of your team to manage.

This starter package includes:

  • Audience Reseach Best Practices
  • Basic Content Strategy
  • Social Media Templates, Holiday Schedule, Best Practices
  • Social Media Monthly Reporting and Live Webinars
  • Email Marketing Templates and Headers

This is enough to get you started in your nonprofit digital marketing endeavors. If you’re looking to up your game, check out our Standard Nonprofit Digital Marketing Package.


This package is great for a nonprofit that has a few more resources to support their mission. This is a good fit if you have an internal junior level team member who can take on some marketing work, but maybe it isn’t quite their forte. But with a little guidance, we can make it work!

In addition to the Starter Nonprofit Digital Marketing Package, this package includes:

  • Audience Interview Notetaking Template
  • Brand Voice and Tone Guidelines
  • Audience Persona Creation & Key Messaging Identification
  • Messaging & Content Matrixes
  • Identification of Content to be Repurposed
  • Instagram and Facebook Story Donation Set-up Guide
  • 5-part Donor Email Templates (with copy included)
  • Google Ad Grants Set-up & Documentation for Nonprofits GuideExpress Website (more
  • details here)
  • 12 months of website maintenance (post website launch)

If you find yourself at this stage in the game, definitely make sure you have a solid logo and branding strategy in place. If you’re not confident in your existing branding work, definitely check out these services for consideration!


You’re ready to do the darn thing. You’re a bit more established, maybe you’ve been around for a few years or you’re just super committed to diving in and setting a solid foundation from the get-go.

Either way, you’re also ready for someone else to do more of the heavy lifting so your team can really focus on fundraising and the operations and programming of your nonprofit!

In addition to the Starter and Standard Nonprofit Digital Marketing Packages, this package includes:

  • Distribution of a survey to your existing audience.
  • Marketplace and competitive research
  • Competitor content audit
  • 12-month Content Editorial Calendar
  • Influencer and Outreach Communication Template
  • Product Giveaway Template
  • Customized MailChimp email template
  • The creation and distribution of 12 emails using these templates (1/month).
  • Monthly email reporting.
  • Up to 15 web pages of copy written by our team.
  • Up to 20 images purchased/sourced by our team for your website.

If you think you might want to bump up your social investment, consider swapping out this Social Starter Package with one of our other social media packages to really take this to the next level!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!