How do I create original photos for my brand on a budget?

Great question. And one that many people are asking.

Because, let’s be honest, we all wanna look at pretty pictures, right? And not all photos are created equal. With portrait mode available on the latest iPhones, professional looking photos are becoming more and more accessible. But it’s still important to know what you’re trying to capture to best tell your story.

And make sure it’s pretty.
And on brand.
And not using your competitor’s colors.
And consistent.
And scalable.
And the right dimensions.
And web-optimized.

No sweat. Easy peasy.

The truth is that your marketing copy should go hand-in-hand with the images you’re uploading to your site, posting on social media and distributing in your email campaigns, right?

If you’re not confident you have the eye, knowledge or resources available to create your own photoshoot to gather original photo assets for your brand, give us a call, we’d love to help out!


When we plan a photoshoot, we typically take the following steps:

  • Confirm your business challenges to be addressed with the shoot
  • Clarify the goal(s) of the shoot
  • Do a quick audit of the platforms the photos will be distributed on or uploaded to
  • Identify available creative assets/resources
  • Identify assets/resources we need to obtain to successfully accomplish our goals

Our photoshoots usually include:

  • Dedicated point of contact
  • Pre-shoot prep call
  • Location and talent scouting (additional)
  • Hair and makeup (additional)
  • 2-4 hour on-site shoot
  • Single photographer
  • Lighting (as needed - we prefer to use natural light whenever possible)
  • Client ownership of all raw and useable images in any medium
  • 20-50 edited photos for use online or in-print (delivered within 5-8 business days)

We find the following types of photoshoots tend to be most requested:

  • Lifestyle
  • Headshots
  • Personal branding
  • Products

If you’d like to chat about how an image really is worth a thousand words or just figure out how to make your Instagram feed finally look cohesive, let us know!