Millennial Mom Research


Each year we survey over 400 Millennial Moms of different income, marital status, and education levels to derive insights to help you more effectively connect with Millennial Moms. Our research includes dozens of supplemental sources and actionable insights. They are your reference guide into the hearts and minds of these women.

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2020 Annual Report

Our annual research took a deeper dive into the perspectives and perceptions of Millennial Moms when it comes to education, healthcare, financial decision making, online purchasing and social media behaviors. Download the Annual Report for insights on how marketers can build valuable relationships with Millennial Moms.


Lifestyle & Purchasing Values of Millennial Moms

Millennial Moms, like many of us, want to have a purpose and they expect the same dedication from the brands they invest in. We broke down the lifestyle and purchasing values Millennial Moms hold into six categories for marketers to digest. Don't miss the opportunities for brands at the end of the download!