How do I get started?

We recommend all clients begin working with us by diving into our Brand Control Workshop. We usually bring our CEO and Account Manager or Content Strategist with us to this workshop.

Now, if you can confidently say you have all the answers to these pieces in place, then high five to you!

Brand Control Workshop


In this four-hour in-person workshop, we help identify the following for our clients:

Goals  & Benchmarks

Mission, Vision, Values

Target Audience(s)

Core Business Pillars

Core Service/Product Offerings

*Please note, if you live more than an hour outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin there will be additional travel expenses since we love to do this workshop in person!

The reason we recommend starting here is that it’s really difficult to succeed for any party involved if we don’t have these foundational elements confirmed from the get-go. It’s totally ok if they change along the way, but if we’re flip flopping around like a fish outta water for a while because we’re not clear one what we’re selling or to who or why, it’s a waste of time and budget. Neither of which we want.

So if you think you’re looking to put your stake in the ground and get your train moving, then sign-up here and select a time and date that works best for you! This is a great way to jumpstart your business in a matter of hours!