Whether you’re just getting started, going through a rebrand, launching a new product/service, or realize that you never took the time to figure these things out from the get-go, no problem.

We can help! Also, you’re not alone!

To help businesses and nonprofits ensure they are heading in the right direction, we’ve created Business Specs, a workshop series that will help you create a 20/20 vision for your brand.

Our workshop series consists of five key elements, all of which are explained in more detail below! Each workshop is $4k and customer research is $7.5k. However, if you decide to purchase all five stages at once, you’ll save $2.5k in the long haul!

Make sure your time and energy are being funneled in the right places and take the time to invest in your business for long-term success.

A bit about our process


The Lens:
Your Customer Research

First things first, you have to know who you’re talking to. In this first step, we work together to identify your primary target audience segment, conduct four to six interviews with individuals in this segment, analyze and synthesize our findings to present you an executive summary with recommendations to implement in the following four workshops. Here are more details on why we take this approach.


The Prescription:
Your Brand Fundamentals

In this four-hour workshop, we’ll review your customer research executive findings, discuss your brand goals, uncover your brand values, define your vision, and establish your mission. Once we’re done here, you’ll have a renewed confidence in who your brand is, what it stands for, and how you’re bringing it to life. You’ll also leave this workshop with a little homework to inform our next workshop!

"Brainchild Studios helped our startup transform our vision and mission branding in a way we could not have imagine. They made us sparkle!"

Jennifer Ketz Founder, Lift Up Careers

The Optics:
Your Audience Analysis

This four-hour workshop will dive into understanding your audience. We’ll outline the different types of audiences you have, narrow in on your ideal target audience and provide details on the type of people they may be. Then we’ll dive deeper and identify their problems, your solutions to their problems, marketing messaging, calls-to-action, and finally ensure your audiences and messaging align with your business goals. You’ll have a little homework to complete after this workshop before product development!

The Focus:
Your Product Development

This four-hour workshop is dedicated to streamlining your product and service offerings. We’ll review your competitors, ensure you have solutions to solve your audience’s problems, confirm you can solve those problems and be profitable, document your processes, review product pricing strategies, and finalize product messaging. When you leave this workshop, you’ll have a clear understanding of what you have to offer and how to present it in a compelling way to your target audience.


The Framework:
Your Content Strategy

This final four-hour workshop will be the culmination of everything we’ve worked on together in these first four stages. This workshop will dive into your “why,” your key differentiator and create a content strategy that identifies your content pillars, original content creation, distribution cadence, and how to best repurpose the content you create. When you leave this workshop, you will have a Google Slide Deck roadmap that you can share with your team and begin executing against it immediately. Here are more details regarding our approach to content strategy.

We recommend spacing these workshops out a little bit to give you time to complete your mini-homework assignments and to reflect on the previous session. Generally speaking, this entire process will last about 12 weeks.

  • Week 1-5: The Lens: Your Customer Research
  • Week 6: The Prescription: Your Brand Fundamentals
  • Week 8: The Optics: Your Audience Analysis
  • Week 10: The Focus: Your Product Development
  • Week 12: The Framework: Your Content Strategy

If you're in a rush, we pride ourselves on being flexible, so we're happy to chat and see how we might be able to meet your expedited timelines!