Brainchild Restaurant Online Manager Form

Restaurant Online Order Form Manager

Many of our favorite restaurants were built on a solid reputation of service and are fixtures in our community but, may not have an online presence.

Do you own or work for a restaurant that needs help in collecting and managing online orders? We're happy to help!

The Restaurant Online Order Form Manager is a custom Google Form and turn-key process.

With this, you can:

  • Collect and compile customer orders that you may be missing today
  • Manage multiple orders at one time
  • Communicate easily with customers
  • Gather customer payments safely, with maximum efficiency, and minimal interaction
Brainchild Studios Restaurant Online Order Form Manger

Now what?

We'll make it easy for you. All we need is an email address and a link to your online menu. If you don't have an online menu, just send us pictures of your menu and we'll get it online.

We'll deliver:

  • A custom online order form
  • Process for gathering orders and communicating with customers
  • Efficient suggestions and marketing ideas for you to promote your new service with customers

What's the return:

  • Assume you're missing 20 orders a day at an average order value of $35/order.
  • You're missing out on $700/day, almost $5k per week and $20k a month from now.
  • Don't wait. This could help keep your team employed and your business afloat!

By investing $149 in allowing us to take this off of your plate, we estimate you'll earn this back by the end of the day.