How to build a professional website on a budget?

That’s exactly what we asked when we built our Express Website theme. We want to help you launch your new website as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is why we created our Express Website Theme. Here are few websites we’ve built with this theme, including this very site you’re on right now!

Let’s be honest, the only person who cares what your website looks like is you. Don’t be mad though. It’s not you, it’s literally all of them.


When a consumer visits a website, they’re looking for four things:

  1. Does it load quickly?
  2. Does it look nice?
  3. It is mobile responsive?
  4. Can I easily find what I need?

So we designed and developed this custom theme to meet all four of these common consumer requirements. We’ve also built it to allow for a number of customizations and easy-to-edit page layouts. We'll always be able to make edits to it and scale with you as your needs expand, so unless you’re thirty for a truly custom website, our Express Website is the answer you’ve been looking for!

The single element that takes the longest time when building a website is collecting content. So here’s a birdseye perspective of our process to build your website in record speed:

  • Pre-Build Kickoff Call & Onboarding Assessment. This is where we gather more details about your business, your website needs, requested features, etc. If all goes well, we’ll confirm your website navigation and homepage content recommendations by the end of this call.
  • Content Gathering. We’ll coach you through gathering all your website copy and images. We have templates you can use so it’s easy peasy.
  • Web Page Layouts. Once we have all your copy and know what images we might be working with, we’ll layout your web pages for your approval and then start building. We’ll confirm what outstanding images, etc. are still needed.
  • Development Site Review. In a matter of days, we’ll have this ready for your review. Once we receive your feedback, we’ll make your requested edits.
  • Pre-Launch QA. We have a comprehensive checklist we go through to make sure your website is SEO-friendly and meets all of our standards prior to launch.
  • Launch. Wahoo! Pop the bubbly, let’s partaaaay!
  • Post-Launch Offboarding. We want to make sure you have all logins, know how to manage small edits to your website, etc. So we’ll go through a post-launch training deck to ensure all of your questions are answered.

If you need help with custom photography, designs or copywriting, we can help out with all of those areas, but the key here is to make sure we have all content on lock and then our website elves to go town building out your website and making sure it’s up to snuff.

Does this sound like something you’ve been looking for?

We thought so.

"I can't say enough good things about the team at Brainchild Studios (BCS). We did a national search to find a firm that could handle a large, complex communications project on an aggressive timeline... and WOW we were blown away. They were incredibly thoughtful in their work, really taking time to understand us as a client and brand we represent. We'd love to work with them again and highly recommend them to others!"

Mary Bruce Executive Director, BA Women's Alliance & EmpowHER