How do I keep my WordPress website updated?

Website maintenance is a must for all websites. It’s near impossible to launch a website and assume it’ll be a-ok in the endless abyss of the internet forever and ever. That’s like sending your kid off to college and never checking back in. Terrible idea.

College, no parents. We all know how that goes.

Websites, like college students, need to be checked-in-on and maintained to continue functioning properly. WordPress versioning and plugins need to be updated, links need to be checked, SEO initiatives need to be monitored, and the list goes on and on.

That’s ok, it’s part of the process.

We know you’ll have questions one month, two months, six months after your website launch. No problemo, we’re here to help! However, it makes it much easier for us to help quickly when we have an established website maintenance package in place. This way we don’t have to have a conversation about billing every time you have a question, we can just pop in, answer it, and move on! Our dedicated website maintenance team is ready and available to answer all inquiries within one to two business days.

We’ve found this process works well for everyone involved, creating a bunch of happy campers.

You are always welcome to email with questions. We will respond to email inquiries within one business day. If your inquiry requires additional time to address/fix, we will estimate how much time that may take and we are happy to help you at our standard rate of $155/hour.

Website Maintenance Package


The following is included in this monthly website maintenance packages and is estimated to take 1.5-2hrs/month:

Updates to WordPress versions and plugins

Broken link analysis

Faulty functionalities

Form tests

Security patches

Bug fixes

Database/API integration updates, etc.