We believe it's “always about people” and that rings soooo true for our team at Brainchild Studios®. We have such an amazing, supportive, smart, fun, funny, resourceful, kickass team that we get to work with day in and day out. It’s truly a blessing.


Our team is comprised mostly of millennial women, some of which are also moms, allowing us the opportunity to create authentic connections and build our target audience understanding from a very real place for our clients.

We work really hard to create an environment that supports growth, teamwork and helps our team craft the lifestyle they want for themselves. Learn more about our Culture & Benefits to get a better understanding of what the Brainchild Team spirit is all about.

Below, we proudly present, the Brainchildren of Brainchild Studios®.

Aka our bombass team.


  • KILEY Owner & CEO

    Kiley is a proud Wisconsinite and Marquette alum who spent the last eight years in Chicago but is thrilled to be back in MKE! With over a decade of digital marketing, strategy and web design experience this consumer behavior nerd loves building brands and delivering results. She's a comedy lover, international wanderer and a sucker for a good romantic comedy.

  • BONNIE Business Operations Director

    Bonnie spent the majority of the last decade in the UK, where she led the financial and operational planning of a multi-million dollar acquisition and worked with executive teams to streamline business processes. Bonnie has a unique fondness for spreadsheets and may even go so far as saying they’re exciting. Now back in her hometown of Milwaukee, she’s ready to take on the world of digital.

  • COBBIE Customer Research Director

    Cobbie is Founder and President of AdaptivePatterns, a company specializing in research and a customer research partner to Brainchild Studios. As a software developer and consultant who stumbled into design thinking, Cobbie is passionate about enabling evidence-based design through sound research and stakeholder alignment.

  • CHRISTINE Account Manager & Email Strategist

    Christine is a Milwaukee native with over six years of experience in digital commerce. With a love for the online experience and a knack for operations, Christine has partnered up with brands such as Kohl’s, Groupon and LivingSocial. When she’s not playing quarterback for big projects, you can find her running along the lakefront or checking out the newest craft brewery in town.

  • KERI Account Manager

    Keri is a Florida native who is navigating Wisconsin one cheese curd at a time. She has 11 years of experience in the marketing and advertising field, making her a well-rounded account manager. She has experience in the digital retail space working with and suppliers such as Nestle, Revlon and Philips.

  • MADDY Digital Marketing Coordinator & Photographer

    Maddy is a graphic designer and digital creative. She has been an East Side resident for over seven years and is a self-proclaimed hipster. She prides herself on always having a restaurant recommendation and is not afraid to take pictures of her food in public. Maddy believes a screen should be replaced with a good book every night.

  • ALICE Customer Research & Design Strategist

    Alice is a design researcher, otherwise known as a people person/consulting detective. She studies human behavior and brings that insight into the design process to enhance digital content strategies and initiatives. She has a UX and HCD background and has worked with clients from Trek Bicycles to The Field Museum of Chicago. She's also a sucker for a great improv show.

  • MICHELLE Content Strategist & Influencer Manager

    Michelle is a collector of knowledge, fashion zealot and digital marketing apostle. She has spent the past three years as a freelance digital marketer for small businesses and an affiliate marketing associate for a major fashion retail company. She has a penchant for visioning and managing effective digital strategies.

  • KENZI Social & Content Strategist

    Kenzi has spent the last five years building her career in content marketing and has four years of experience in drafting a tremendously underperforming fantasy football teams. She's the Founder of Wisconsin Women’s Entrepreneurship Week, but her greatest passion is channeling her inner “dance mom” via her dog’s Instagram account.

  • NEAL SEO Copywriter

    Neal is a writer based in Chicago who enjoys gratuitously loud live music and genuinely thrives on enthusiasm. He is a passionate brand ambassador with 6+ years experience writing in public relations and advertising. Neal specializes in telling compelling stories and delivers uniquely-tailored messaging to diverse audiences across a variety of platforms.

  • ASHLEY SEO Copywriter

    Ashley is an ex nine to grinder with a passion for all things health and wellness, especially nutrition. Have any health and wellness questions? She is the go to girl! With a positive attitude and appreciation for life, Ashley is a digital nomad who loves getting creative with the written word.

  • EMILY Art Director & Lead Designer

    Emily is an art director and designer with over 10 years of experience. She’s worked on everything from print to packaging to environmental design, but her true passion is branding and being able to work with a company from day one to help visualize their story. She’s one of those strange type A creatives that balances every project with her left and right brain.

  • ANDREA UX Designer

    Andrea Zehnder has over 18 years of experience as a UX designer for local and national brands. When she’s not orchestrating a symphony of pixels, you can find her inventing recipes, decorating cookies or playing football with her 9-year old son. And yes, she can throw a great spiral.

  • CECI Digital Content Marketing Intern

    Ceci is a strategic communications major at UW-Madison with certification in digital studies and entrepreneurship. She has three years of social media and public relations experience, and integrates her photography skills on social platforms.

  • ASHLEY Customer Research Intern

    Ashley has been studying public relations and marketing at Marquette University for the past three years. She is an outgoing, adventurous spirit from Minnesota and has a passion for cooking food good for the soul, art, exploring new places and meeting new people.

"Brainchild Studios® has redefined my career path and given new meaning to being part of a team. Our leadership is constantly creating opportunities for me to grow- not only my career but as a woman in the digital industry."

- Kenzi Enright, Social & Content Strategist