We believe it's “always about people” and that rings soooo true for our team at Brainchild Studios®. We have such an amazing, supportive, smart, fun, funny, resourceful, kickass team that we get to work with day in and day out. It’s truly a blessing.

We work really hard to create an environment that supports growth, teamwork and helps our team craft the lifestyle they want for themselves. Learn more about our Culture & Benefits to get a better understanding of what the Brainchild Team spirit is all about.

Below, we proudly present, the Brainchildren of Brainchild Studios®.

Aka our bomb-ass team.

If you're interested in joining us, please shoot us an email here.


  • KILEY Founder & CEO

    Kiley has over 13 years of small business consulting, digital content strategy, and consumer research and analysis. She spent the better part of a decade in Chicago before moving back to Milwaukee. She's an Adjunct Professor at Marquette University, a national speaker, comedy lover, international wanderer, and a sucker for sweatpants.

  • BONNIE Managing Director

    Bonnie spent the first decade of her career in the UK where she earned her MBA, led the financial and operational planning of a multi-million dollar acquisition, and worked with executive teams to streamline business processes. Bonnie loves helping business owners earn the right to implement the fun stuff. Now back in her hometown of Milwaukee, she’s taking on the world of digital.

  • Mary Client Strategy & Sales Director

    Mary has served as a trusted advisor in growth and opportunity for many industries, including education, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and retail. Mary is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, business enthusiast, and a lifelong learner of “all the things”. She is a solutions seeker, a mural painter, amateur baker, and entertainer. While many lovingly refer to her as “Party Pape”, she also hides out in her car, belting out every word to every song that has ever been played on the radio.

  • Iryna CFO

    Iryna has almost 15 years of experience working with small businesses in the areas of accounting, taxation, and financial and tax planning. Seven years ago she opened her CPA practice, a virtual women-operated firm specializing in finances for marketing and advertising industry agencies. When not taking on the world, Iryna is either kickboxing, hiking, or exploring her local neighborhoods.

  • CHRISTINE Client Strategist

    Christine is a Milwaukee native with over eight years of experience in digital commerce, email marketing, and marketing automation. With a love for the online experience and a knack for operations, Christine has partnered up with brands such as Kohl’s, Groupon and LivingSocial. When she’s not playing quarterback for big projects, you can find her running along the lakefront or checking out the newest craft brewery in town.

  • Sue-Ellen Client Strategist

    Sue-Ellen is a marketing professional with a passion for communications and an eye for detail. Her experience spans three continents for universities, schools, social enterprise, fintech, and event management sectors. This Australian national, now based in Wisconsin enjoys traveling and exploring her local area in search of the perfect latte! Her mantra for herself and curious 2yr old daughter is: never stop exploring, growing and learning.

  • Erin Client Operations Manager

    Erin supports our clients through her broad skillset in project management, operations, and marketing. With a love for problem solving and organization, Erin is always ready to tackle her next project. When she’s not geeking out over the newest project management software, you can find her at the gym or cruisin’ down the isles at Trader Joe’s to find her meal prep staples. 

  • Kira Executive Operations Manager

    Kira was born and bred in Wisconsin, has spent over 15 years in customer service, the last five years of which have been focused on digital marketing and content creation. Kira has a knack for identifying and adopting the nuances of human behavior and seamlessly integrating them into content. Kira is obsessed with food, her nieces and nephew, and spends (probably) too much time playing Tetris.

  • Melissa Marketing Manager

    Melissa has helped run large organizations for close to a decade and is excited to bring her mad organizational skills to the Brainchild Team. Melissa helps keep Brainchild’s engines running smoothly behind the scenes. When she’s not working, Melissa enjoys playing with her three kids, and occasionally finds time for some gardening and indulging in binging on BRAVO television shows. Don't judge.

  • Caitlin Lead Researcher & Copywriter

    Caitlin is a researcher, writer, editor, and food photographer based in the Midwest. With a background in nursing and decades spent writing, she is a published eBook author and knows a thing or two about communicating complex concepts in easy-to-understand language. Caitlin spends her free time developing gluten-free recipes, reading psychology books, and wrangling two pugs and a Dutch rabbit.

  • Claire Researcher & Copywriter

    Claire studied English in college and grad school and is an avid reader and writer. With over a decade’s experience teaching and developing curriculum for college writing courses, she is intimately familiar with the process of crafting messages for specific audiences. In her free time, Claire watches too many movies with her husband, their moody cat, and their sweet Aussie Shepherd.

  • SUZANNA Researcher & Copywriter

    Suzanna has over six years of copywriting, integrated marketing, SEO and HTML experience. Creating blog posts and building landing pages is no biggie for this lady. Suzanna specializes in both print and search engine optimized web content, has been published in numerous national magazines, and has worked with clients ranging from healthcare to agriculture to human resources software to finance.

  • Rebecca Researcher & Copywriter

    With nearly 30 years of experience as a writer and creative director, it’s tough to name something Rebecca hasn’t done. Specializing in print, direct marketing, and digital communications, she works with a growing range of B2C and B2B clients—from consumer packaged goods and tech, to travel and health and wellness. When she’s not bending words to her will, Rebecca can be found planning trips for anyone who will let her.

  • Kanoe Researcher & Copywriter

    Kanoe has over 12 years of experience as a copywriter and creative business blogger. She has worked with clients across various B2C industries is passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses through strategic SEO initiatives and connect with their ideal customers. Mom to her 2 yr old daughter and a sassy English Bulldog, Kanoe also enjoys collaborating with other working mothers.

  • EMILY Art Director & Lead Designer

    Emily is an art director and designer with over 12 years of experience. She’s worked on everything from print to packaging to environmental design, but her true passion is branding and being able to work with a company from day one to help visualize their story. She’s one of those strange type A creatives that balances every project with her left and right brain.

  • Sckilayre Graphic Designer

    With more than a decade of creative experience, Scki expertly designs visual assets that bring brand stories to life. She’s worked in digital marketing for a large retailer as well as a global marketing agency, honing her skills in graphic design, digital content, brand identity, and website creation. Scki lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she enjoys exploring the outdoors, having game nights with friends, and spending time with her son. Fun fact: Scki’s dream job is to create board games!

  • Brandon Graphic Designer

    Brandon is a graphic designer with 8+ years of experience. A natural born creative whose comfort zone is outside of the box and is always searching for ways to push brands beyond their creative boundaries. When Brandon isn’t oodling over a perfectly kerned headline, he can typically be found watching a sporting event, sampling craft beer or taking on the next challenger in cornhole.

  • Lauren Email Marketing Strategist

    Lauren labels herself as an “email geek” because of her passion for email marketing as a digital channel. Her approach to creating a lifetime customer through email is by delivering content a user truly wants to receive and at the right time. If you have a conference call with Lauren, you’re bound to meet her sidekick, her Vizsla pup Josie. When she isn’t working, you can find her outside - the place that genuinely soothes her soul.

  • Makenna Email Marketing Strategist

    Makenna has broad marketing expertise in retail and tech. She supports brands by elevating the customer experience through email marketing - leveraging her background in analytics, design-thinking, and leadership. Makenna indulges in many creative pursuits (currently re-learning the piano) and is always looking for new things to learn/do - plus, she's a bit of a history podcast nut.

  • Joe Paid Media Partner

    Joe is a Co-Founder of the Paid Media Pros YouTube channel and an expert in all things pay-per-click. He has been published in numerous publications including Search Engine Land, Social Media Examiner, SEMrush, Unbounce, Leadpages, and Optmyzr, amongst many others. He regularly speaks at domestic and international conferences such as SMX, HeroConf, Pubcon, SMXL, SEMPO, and more. Finally, he was named a Top 25 Influential PPC Expert by PPC Hero in 2017-2020. Ask him about vinyl records and anything Start Wars related.

  • Gregory Shopify Partner

    Gregory is Brainchild Studios' dedicated Shopify Partner. He has over a decade of experience in technology solutions, event planning, logistics, and cross-departmental cohesion. He thrives on utilizing technology to advance organizations and small businesses in organizing their content, streamlining operational systems, and serving as a dedicated technology ally. When not leading his Shopify team of experts, you can find him gracing a karaoke stage or hanging out with his partner and son, Cambell.

  • Hannah Digital Marketing Intern

    Hannah was born and raised in Wisconsin but attends Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota working towards her bachelors degree in Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. Hannah is on the women’s hockey and softball teams at Augsburg. She enjoys the outdoors, pugs, and is Kopp’s number one fan.