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Hi, we’re Brainchild Studios, and we're at your service.

At Brainchild Studios, we believe people matter most. It just so happens that people also matter most when it comes to marketing. Taking the time to understand your audience - not just their demographics - but their psychological profiling, what triggers and circumstances cause them to convert, their wants, challenges, and content consumption practices, will not only help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts, but you’ll be adding value for your audience.

Isn’t that what we all want?
To be value-focused marketers who become irreplaceable to our audience?
We thought so.



8 Weeks to Completion

Includes One Audience

*Does not include third-party distribution fees.

Great option for a small business
with one core target audience!



8-9 Weeks to Completion

Includes Two or Three Audiences

*Does not include third-party distribution fees.

Most popular!



8-10 Weeks to Completion

Includes Four or Five Audiences

*Does not include third-party distribution fees.

Great option for mid-market companies
seeking to serve multiple audiences!


Competitor & Marketplace Research
Digital Content Audit
Audience Research Survey, Analysis & Summary
Psychological Audience Profiles
Key Differentiators & Content Categories
Recommended Customer Content Journey
Annual Original & Supporting Content & Messaging Recommendations
Activation Plan
Quarterly Check-Ins
Option to Pay via Credit Card


When we’re done here, you’ll know your audience better than you ever have before - in the ways that really matter.

You’ll know exactly:

  • What questions your audience has at each stage of their customer journey
  • What content you should be creating to answer those questions and the main CTAs that should align with that content
  • What triggers your audience to make decisions and how to integrate that into your content creation


You'll also walk away with:

  • A high-level editorial calendar with four quarterly themes, 12 monthly topics to explore
  • A customer journey map to layer on top of your content strategy
  • An activation plan and quarterly check-ins to ensure we're putting wheels in motion and this juicy strategy doesn't go stale!

And should you decide you’d like assistance in executing this strategy, we’re happy to help in the ways we are best suited and equally happy to introduce you to trusted partners of ours if we might not be the right fit for your content or promotion needs.

"This was our best business investment this year!”

Maggie Joos
Owner, The Real Good Life