What is the Brainchild Fund?

Brainchild Studios is woman-founded and primarily woman-operated, and we're passionate about supporting and empowering women in entrepreneurship in Wisconsin.


Because when more women business leaders and entrepreneurs succeed, the entire economy is elevated. When women are able to be more financially independent, they are able to live their lives with fewer limitations. That's why we created the Brainchild Fund.

Our mission is to provide funding to support women in business and entrepreneurship. On an annual basis, we will provide financial support via grants to women in pursuit of their entrepreneurial journeys.

Our vision is for women to build the futures they dream for themselves and their families.

Because, doggone it, they deserve it.


We want to make sure Brainchild Fund grants go where they're needed most. We will open up an application process for individuals to apply for our grants and will gift our grant on Galentine's Day each year in celebration of our newly awarded recipients.

Once we see how much money we can raise, we'll be able to determine the details of how to properly allocated those grants to our lucky recipients. We look forward to funding a portion of your expenses to help make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality and continue to foster the economic growth of our community!

We are so excited to give back with this initiative and are thrilled to be partnering with WWBIC, as our nonprofit fiscal sponsor!


We know from experience how valuable and essential early support can be for women in business and entrepreneurship! We have a few key opportunities to get involved throughout the year:

  • Donate. The more money we can raise, the bigger the impact on our grant recipients!
  • Donate a Portion of Your Business Revenue. Brainchild Studios will be donating 10% of all revenue made in our Brand Principle Workshops to support the Brainchild Fund. You're welcome to do the same. All donations are tax-deductible!