Is email dead?

No siree, Bob! Email is one of the most powerful and effective avenues you have available to have a direct conversation with your consumers. It is currently the only owned digital path of communication you have outside of your website or purchased domain.

Think about that for a second. If every social media platform disappeared tomorrow, how would you connect with your consumers in the digital space?

Email. Crazy, right!?

Email is also essential to nurture leads. 80% of leads are not ready to convert and email is a direct way to build relationships with prospects who have expressed interest in your service or product (and willingly shared their email address). It’s like booking your second date before your first one is over!

Yaaaassss! 🙌 Winning!

Considering 91% of consumers check their email every day and the average ROI for every $1 spend in email marketing is $38, sounds like a pretty promising channel to invest in, doesn’t it?

We think so.

The opportunities with email marketing are arguably endless, but we know that budgets and time don’t quite have the same restraints! So in an effort to help you get started, we’ve put together three email marketing packages to set a foundation for your marketing game plan!


Starter Email


For the nonprofit or small business is looking for quick help to get started!

Details below!

Standard Email


For the nonprofit or SMB that is looking for a monthly newsletter or standard monthly email communication.

This is your investment per email after the one-time onboarding fee of $995.

Details below!

Stellar Email


For the nonprofit or SMB that has ideas and wants to run more frequent communication to their followers!

This is your monthly investment after the one-time onboarding fee of $1,695.

Details below!


If you’re looking for a starting place and a little help in making your emails look pretty, this is the package for you!

The following is included in this package:

  • 3 easily customizable email templates for MailChimp (Newsletter, Events, Welcome Email)
  • 3 easily customizable header templates
  • Guidelines on how to use professionally designed templates.

Please note this does NOT include any email list management, email creation or distribution. This package is intended to just help kickstart your email efforts with this one-time fee!
If you need help with creation and distribution, check out our Standard and Stellar packages!



When you know you have great content to communicate, but you don't have five hours a week to make it happen, try your hand at a monthly newsletter. It’s not a bad starting place!

This Standard Email Marketing Package includes:

  • 1 Custom-built MailChimp email template with a custom-designed email header.
  • The creation and distribution of 12 emails using the above email template.
  • A/B Subject line testing.
  • Email to one audience segment.
  • Monthly performance reporting.

Please note, this does NOT include list maintenance. While we recommend considering distributing one email a month, you don’t necessarily have to follow that pattern! This package has an onboarding fee of $995 and then a monthly investment of $1,295 for 12 months (if you opt for one email per month)!

This is a great place to start!



You have all kinds of ideas and the world needs to know about them! This is a great option for brands who might be interested in a monthly newsletter and a monthly tip of the month or personal letter from the C-Suite.

This package includes the following:

  • Initial list cleanup (up to 100k subscribers).
  • Email preference center creation.
  • 2 Custom-built MailChimp email templates with custom-designed email headers.
  • The creation and distribution of 24 emails using the above email templates.
  • A/B Subject line testing.
  • Email to two audience segments.
  • Monthly performance reporting.
  • Monthly email list maintenance (2hrs/month).

If you’re ready to really take control of your ongoing communication to your followers, this is the option for you! This package has an onboarding fee of $1,695 and then a monthly investment of $2,675 for 12 months (if you opt for two emails per month)!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!