Is email dead?

No siree, Bob! Email is one of the most powerful and effective avenues you have available to have a direct conversation with your consumers. It is currently the only owned digital path of communication you have outside of your website or purchased domain.

Think about that for a second. If every social media platform disappeared tomorrow, how would you connect with your consumers in the digital space?

Email. Crazy, right!?

But it’s tough to communicate via email if you don’t have an email list and you don’t have a strategy for how to engage with that list! Building a qualified email list is often a goal of our Digital Content Strategy, and a good one at that!

Email is also essential to nurture leads. 80% of leads are not ready to convert and email is a direct way to build relationships with prospects who have expressed interest in your service or product (and willingly shared their email address). It’s like booking your second date before your first one is over!

Yaaaassss! 🙌 Winning!

Considering 91% of consumers check their email every day and the average ROI for every $1 spend in email marketing is $38, sounds like a pretty promising channel to invest in, doesn’t it?

We think so.

So let’s talk about creating efficiencies with email automation and effectively using email as a marketing and lead nurturing tactic.

We typically will map out email marketing strategies in our Digital Content Strategy providing a roadmap to begin acting upon. Those strategies will likely include email automation and email marketing campaigns to distribute information and nurture leads in a way that adds value to your consumers and prospects.


This is how we approach email marketing and automation:

  • Identify key business goals and value proposition for consumer
  • Confirm content that needs to be created to nurture lead
  • Create email list segmentation
  • Connect to relevant databases/CRMs
  • Build out email communication sequence
  • Create automation triggers
  • Track, report and optimize

If you’re in a position where you’re not in love with your website, but don’t have the bandwidth or budget to redesign it right now, we can also help out with constructing optimized landing pages so your email and paid efforts are not going to waste.

Ready to get your email game on? Let’s do this.