How should I manage social media for my business?

Isn’t that the million dollar question? As the majority of the adult population is on social media numerous times a day and millennial moms’ expectations of brands is higher than ever, managing social isn’t just as simple as posting a cute cat GIF here and there.

But damn, those are funny.

For real though, social media is a beast. New platforms pop up all the time. Algorithms and capabilities change almost daily. It can be a full-time job just keeping up with the Joneses and all the updates, let alone creating content that soars on these platforms!

Ai yai yai!

Many nonprofits and small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the bandwidth to properly manage these platforms and rationalize the time it takes away from them running their business or organization.

That’s ok -- it’s not your job -- or at least it doesn’t need to be!

Your job is to run your business or organization as effectively and profitably as possible, which is exactly why delegation is the name of the game and our team of savvy content creators and social media masters are ready to step up so you don’t have to!

We’ve found that many nonprofits and small and medium-sized business delegate the chore of social media to a third party. Now that might be hiring an intern to give them experience and save you money or it might be hiring an agency (wink wink) to take it off your hands.

We've created a social Starter Package to help you get started!


This is perfect for a nonprofit or small business that would like to bring on an entry-level team member or intern to manage their social. However, these folks tend to be pretty green, so we’ve put together a starter package with:

  • 12 professionally styled templates
  • Editorial calendar template, holiday calendar (there’s more than you may think!)
  • Guide on best practices for social
  • Monthly aggregated report
  • Monthly live webinar

You’ll receive an aggregated monthly social media report that will share key platform updates, trending hashtags, noteworthy influencers, major KPIs to focus on, formatting and content suggestions and key recommendations for retail, nonprofits, education, B2B, and travel industries!

This has a one-time onboarding fee and for only $195/month after that, you’ll have senior-level expertise chiming in and influencing your social strategy!