How can I do customer research on a budget?

We believe it’s important to root all major content and business decisions in data and research, so we begin each of our endeavors with this in mind. We invest in both qualitative customer research and quantitative customer research.

So basically, we like to talk to people and survey them to understand what’s going on in that noggin of theirs.

Our standalone customer research deliverable is our Qualitative Customer Research, which we work to make as approachable and accessible as possible. Why? Because we wholeheartedly believe it’s essential to understand the “whys” your consumers are facing to truly understand their behaviors and how your brand naturally fits into or enhances their lives.

Don’t you want to know that too?
We thought so. We can help!

Qualitative Research

In an effort to do this, we’ve streamlined our research process to be extremely tailored and laser-focused to derive insights testing a specific hypothesis to drive actionable next steps for our clients. The below process typically takes 4-5 weeks depending on the complexity of the research and the availability of interviewees.

Our Qualitative Customer Research package starts at $8k and in this exercise we:

  • Interview stakeholders
  • Develop a hypothesis
  • Identify a targeted audience segment to interview and discover insights informing our hypothesis
  • Create and distribute a screener questionnaire to collect potential interviewees
  • Schedule and conduct 4-6 individual interviews with those who have expressed interest in participating and meet our audience segment criteria
  • Include compensation for interviewees & interview platform fees
  • Analyze interviews and derive insights
  • Deliver an Executive Summary outlining what we did, what we found and our recommendations for actionable next steps.

Why do we only interview 4-6 folks from your audience segment? You might be asking “is that enough?” Fair question!

However, according to the Nielsen Norman Group, and our past experience, if we are specific enough about our hypothesis and audience segment identification, we can learn about 85% of what we would find out from interviewing 15 people from interviewing about 5 people. Often times this can be a great start for our clients. We interview individuals instead of focus groups because past experience and research have proven that people’s responses tend to be influenced by others when questioned in a group setting.

After we conclude our Qualitative Customer Research, we recommend testing these insights on a larger scale with the creation and distribution of a survey.

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